Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-10-01 08:48:41 (UTC)


Funny how the days pass, harvest moon made me realize as I
gazed apon it, just as I had this time last year.
Thought about the prison yard and it dawned on me, I rushed
to the calender to find one year ago yesterday that was the
day how could I have forgotten.Yes the fresh air the cars
the east indian girl in the taco bell parking lot. new
clothes labels freshly torn off in a holding cell as I
waited to be released. Smoking a lemac middle finger flung
out to where I had just resided for so many days and nights
months witch turned into years with out my notice and one
year ago yesterday, memories of that day fresh apon my mind
now seeming forgotten in the hussle of work and school.
How could it have passed so quickly how could I have not
thought about it apon yesterday.
Just a thought, hey Im still out here living the square
life and doing good thanks to everyone whos shot th e love
asking how Ive been and if Im all right I really do
appreciate it Ill try to hammer some thoughts out to yall
in the nxt few days but who really knows.
With endless love and respect