inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-10-01 08:41:02 (UTC)

Odeka de Chocobo

hey. well here i am just procrastinating b4 i hafta go
back 2 sleep. im kinda lonely cuz marvin's been asleep all
this time. it bugs me when he drinks so early in the day,
cuz it wrecks things fer later on. oh well... who am i to
tell him wat to do, rite?

so yeah... i'm working quite a bit fer the next 3 weeks. i
hope it wont be all that horrible. when i 1st started on
fri, i really hated it. but towards the end it wasn't so
bad. maybe cuz it wasn't so busy... and that i knew i
could go home soon. the relief of finally closing the
door, even tho work wasn't officially over (we still had to
clean the place up and stuff) was so great that i
practically 4got about the day's earlier events. now that
i'm working normally, i'll hafta wait longer fer that
time... i dunno. it's prolly just cuz im starting out.
after awhile i mite become numb or immune or watever 2 the
whole situation.

i havent been participating in the rpgs as much lately.
it's hard to keep up with them, but i dont have the heart 2
unsub. now i have an excuse tho, that im working... but
still. i'm way behind in a lot of them.. b4, they were
like, my whole world. but now i've been left behind, and
it's like they never existed (in that sense).

anyway. after that scare w/ windy-chan, i dont know what
to think... i mean, about her still staying there and
everything. i kno that if she were 2 leave and come here,
it'd mean MAJOR changes for lots of people. but im
prepared 2 handle that, if it means that she can get out of
a bad situation. unfortunately, she's in the states and is
an american citizen, so that does complicate things... i've
never once thought that the way i was able to get out was
difficult. it was easy. i just left, and marvin came. i
was lucky. i'm lucky to have him. true, all the shit that
went on afterwards *wasn't* easy, but the actual act of
leaving was.

i'm trying not 2 think about work 2 much. i dont wanna get
false hopes up, and i also dont wanna freak myself out 2
much. =P i dont kno what the rite way to handle this would
b... well, i could probably find out, but then i'd hafta
think about it, wouldnt i?

n e way, im off. nite.


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