~Princess Venus' Diary~
2001-02-28 00:58:06 (UTC)

Wow, my first net diary. I..

Wow, my first net diary. I personally dont write diary that much though, just once a while when I feel like I need to
remember that moment forever....sound stupid huh. Who cares? It's my life. Okay, I just read my junior high
music teacher's diary, and I saw my friend picture there. I was kinda surprise, beside that I didnt see her for like 2
years now, and she is in college. I miss her though. In fact I miss all of my friends in Thailand...hahaha I grew up
in Thailand, and went to one of the best catholic girl school. Lots of memories there though, I'll tell you about it
later coz' it'd take me more than a day to say it. Okay, I get bored now, let me go back to study ^^