Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2001-10-01 06:59:50 (UTC)

A Wrench, A Pipe & Duct Tape....

My oh, My...

Well, today was fun... cracked my powerbook....

On the upside, I cooked dinner for some friends whom
I had been ignoring, we watched some Anime,
talked fer awhile, had coconut cream pie, a glass of sherry...

It's good to have friends I can count on, I have so few,
but I like to treasure the ones I have... I think, and it
bothers me to no end.. that because I was with my ex,
that she took over my world, and I ignored everyone
else... I asked them if they thought that I was being a
"fair weather friend", they didn't think so... i was very
relieved, I hate to think that I am...

Acceptance... What I have done, is not who I am....
Choices, it's all about choices, and I have made bad
ones, and I have made good ones, and I have made
others that simply have been niether.... I am not a bad
person, just a person who has made bad choices....

Soon, it shall be done, and I will go out chin held high.
On day soon I will look back and realize that I am living
my life the way I have always done. Through sheer
strength of will I will survive....

All the worlds a stage, and I am but a player.

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