Queer Focus
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2001-10-01 06:45:06 (UTC)

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

I am not exactly proud of the things that I have done
lately, but truthfully, if I had to do things all over
again, I wouldn't change a thing. My brain has been
working in overdrive, and I cannot say that I have been
good...actually I have been very manipulative. It starts
with Lex and Chance's wedding, which will be happening two
weeks from today. I am so excited to be a part of it, my
first gay wedding ever. I was honored that they asked me
to be there for them, and then Chance tells me a couple of
days ago that he cannot come and get us, that we will have
to find our own way there. AHHHHHH, HELLO....PROBLEM!!!!
While I do have a vehicle, it currently does not have tags
on it AND I have lost the insurance card that I am supposed
to carry in my vehicle at all times. Furthermore, even if
I did choose to drive there, with money being as low as it
has, we could never have the gas to get there. So I had to
place a plan into action. After speaking with Chance, I
purposefully emailed Lex with a letter telling him how
sorry I may be if I am unable to attend his nuptials. This
was all I needed to say to him to get him on top of it.
See, Lex and I have been best friends for what seems like
forever. He was my best man for my wedding (yes, I am
married to a woman....long story, another time) and he
basically emailed me saying that he absolutely WANTS me
there and that he will find some way to get me there. Now,
I am gonna try to find my own way, but if I cannot, I will
have to resort to whatever means he is able to scrounge
up. We'll see what happens in about two weeks. There's
also the secret of what Brandon and I have been discussing
since last Saturday. Brandon came to me about a dream that
he had had which involved he, Josh, Jordan and I. It was a
sexual one, and he asked me if I knew if Jordan and I would
be interested in taking part in a foursome. Now, I have
never had a problem with the concept myself. Sex is sex,
Love is love. I am totally open to it, while Jordan is
not. Let me state, I have been "dating" men for 5 yrs now,
while this is Jordan's first experience, though he has been
out since he was 12 (now 20). I have been cheated on so
many times that my head spun and it took Slick to sit down
and have a discussion with me about the differences between
a straight relationship and a gay relationship. He
basically laid it out...I was trying to lead a "GAY" life
with "STR8" ideals, and that that doesn't always work out.
I do not believe that Jordan is jaded enough to understand
this concept, nor do I wish that on him. If I make him
totally 100% happy, then so-be-it. It is just that Josh is
so hot, and while playing "Truth-or-Dare" the other day, it
came out that both Jordan and I both would be inclined to
having a sexual liaison with Josh. He is such a cutie, and
though I would love to do something with him, I guess it is
up to Jordan. Who knows, he may surprise us all!!!!!

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