Queer Focus
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2001-10-01 06:44:01 (UTC)

White Magic & Black Soul

Things are the same today as they were yesterday. Well,
actually, I am lying. I have been thinking a lot lately,
about who I am, where I come from, and who I can become. I
was talking with one of my closest friends a couple of
weeks about something that really hit me close to
home...Witchcraft. I was raised extremely strict to a
Roman Catholic mother and a Baptist father. Growing up, I
decided that I would go the route of my mother; grow up as
a fellow Roman Catholic. It was not a very successful
endeavor, I would come to see. I was kicked out of my
church, at a very young age, because of my views on life as
well as my beliefs. This is not the issue, this is just
backstory. Fastforward, I have been living here for a
couple years and have been extremely close with my friend
Brandon. Brandon is a practicing (White) Witch from way
back. Brandon, Lex, Chance, Jordan, myself and a few
others were eating dinner at Lex's mothers house one day.
I don't remember how we got there to this particular
situation, but we ended up having our aura's and palms read
by Brandon and his boyfriend, Josh. We found out why Lex
has been having such huge financial problems, he has been
cursed by an ex, as well as a few items of info that Lex's
mother had to know about. It finally came to me and
Brandon and Josh were reading me when Brandon just flew
back like he had been struck, but no one was near him but
me, and I had not touch him. He told me that he to speak
to me personally in another room so, of course, I went with
him. It was then that he divulged some very shocking info
that I have never spoken off to him about. He asked me if
I came from a bloodline which practiced ANY of the
I thought it was really weird because I have never told
anybody, but my aunt and about 4 other family members, have
been involved in Voodoo for almost forty or so years, as
well as 2 aunts and 3 cousins are Witches. He proceeded to
answer the questions I had for him. He told me that he saw
great powers within, FAR GREATER THAN HIS OWN POWERS!!!!
He asked me if I have always had strange occurrences in my
life, in which I answered him. I have been known to have
psychic dreams from time-to-time, some through my own life
and some through eyes of other people. I have also always
been very perceptive. I told him how I had told my mom at
4 yrs that she was gonna have a baby before she knew she
was pregnant. I told her again when she was pregnant with
my sister, again she did not know she was having a child.
I have since done that numerous times, including with my
aunt twice and family friends totaling about 16 or 17 times
that I have told someone they were pregnant before even
THEY knew. I also told Brandon, how I have always talked
to people based on colors. I told him how as a child I
would run from people because I saw black, because they
were really mean people. That's when Brandon explained the
aura to me. How each aura gives off a color, and what
those colors mean. I have ALWAYS been able to look at a
person, and before ever talking to them, be able to "read"
them and decide to befriend or run from them. Brandon was
quite astonished with everything that I had to say because
he knew exactly what I was talking about. He went through
the same strangeness as a child which his parents thought
that he was crazy for. Brandon told me that if nothing
else that I should always trust whatever I see or feel
because it will ALWAYS be right. He wants to work with me
to develop what I have and I have been thinking more and
more about it in these last couple of weeks. Especially,
while I was on vacation, I was introduced to this couple.
One of them was really sweet and nice, but I felt he was
really sad, sort of depressed, but he played off like he
was wonderful. AND THEN I MET HIS BOYFRIEND!!! Just
looking at him, I was in fear. I got the darkest flash of
color that I have ever seen. It was the darkest shade of
black I have ever seen in my whole life. It scared the
piss out of me. I refused to even say hi to him. Just
like I did when I was a child, I ran the other way. Just
saying his name sends chills up my spine; his eyes are
completely empty of any light. It's like he is soulless
and he frightens me to my own soul. I don't know why, but
it felt like being lifted out of my body just to look at
him. I later found out that he is extremely violent, hits
his boyfriend, and extremely conniving and duplicitous.
The words liar, thief, evil and unloving were bandied
around a a lot as I talked to more and more people. I am
thinking that I need to speak with Brandon to fully
understand who or what this person is, because, you may
think I am playing, but this person cannot be human!! I
hate no one, but I hate this kid, and we have never even
spoken words to one another. EVIL, SOULLESS, HATRED