Queer Focus
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2001-10-01 06:43:29 (UTC)

Flirting w/ 420 & Trust

Everything has been going in a whirl wind lately. I just
got back home from my vacation and ALREADY I wanna go
back. I have spent the day today trying to track down a
new job, because I absolutely cannot stand another moment
of the one I have. Jordan and I were spilling truths
tonight. We were watching "Undressed" earlier and four
characters were playing Truth or Dare, and I commented that
they were playing it wrong. That is when Jordan said that
he had never played and we commenced to playing. Really we
didn't play Truth or Dare, we just played Truth. We asked
each other some really f'd-up questions about whom out of
our friends would we sleep with or date, if we were not
together. I think he learned some things about me that he
did not know, but he surprised me. I thought he would ask
me questions about Slick, but he didn't ask a one. I told
myself before we started playing that if he asked me any
questions about anything, I would be honest. Prepared and
everything, but he did not ask me anything about Slick.
Oh, well!!! I also found out something that I have been
wondering for a while though. See, I am a very flirtatious
person by nature. If you are talking to me in a club or
bar scene, expect me to be flirtatious. I have been known
to disappear for twenty/thirty minutes, just talking with
all people. Doesn't matter if you are a girl or boy, thin
or chubby, black or white, tall or short. I am just very
flirtatious. And I thought that that bothered Jordan, but
to my astonishment, he told me that he has never had a
problem with it. It is how I have been since he met me,
and he has never tried to change that about me. JORDAN
One night, while we were vacationing, I went to the bar
with Chance (he works there) and one of the guys that I met
while on said vacation came to the club. He invited Chance
and I to a party after Chance got off (a 420 thing...lol).
Chance didn't want to go, but I did. We went home and
Chance went in to ask Jordan if he wanted to go, which he
replied no. So I went with my friends to this party (in
which I was supposed to be dropped off after the party). I
hadn't been to a 420 party in over a year, so needless to
say that I couldn't handle it and I passed out. When I
finally got home in the morning, I told Jordan what
happened and he was totally cool with it. Chance on the
other hand swore up-and-down that I slept with this kid
that took me to the party, but I did not. But Jordan
trusted me enough to know that I did not do anything
different just because he was not around. I am not used to
that...in the past, I have dated very mistrusting people
solely because THEY were the one's out doing dirt behind my
back...and this is the first time that I have ever had
anybody truly trust me, and I would be a fool to throw that
away for a few moments having sex. HE LOVES ME, TRULY HE