Queer Focus
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2001-10-01 06:42:41 (UTC)

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger???

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately, but Lex and
Chance asked Jordan and I if we would like to accompany
them back home for a few weeks. Seeing how neither Jordan
nor I had anything to do, we decided to do so. Before we
left though, I decided to go see Slick, his wife, and his
new daughter. His daughter is so precious. I was playing
with her for an hour and I finally put her to sleep before
I was able to really visit with Slick or his wife. His
wife is doing wonderfully and has been working not far from
my house. I thought that was kind of funny. She and I
were hanging out for a while just catching up and talking
bout old time...the usual. And then there was Slick.
Something has definitely changed in that boy. I remember
when he was a cool person to be around and how he always
cared about how he said stuff, at least to me. But
now...now he has turned into "hard-assed macho bastard." I
know that he is not exactly where he wants to be, but he
made his bed and now he has to lay in it. He has become so
cynical and hard toned that I truly can say that I do not
know what I ever saw in him then. Was he the same then,
and I just refused to see that? Or has he changed that
much in the last couple months? Well, when I am a friend,
I am a friend for life, so I will be there for him. But if
he thinks he can act any old way he wants with me, he has
another thing coming. I will wreck him before I let him
wreck me. But I have much love for him so I hope he still
sees that I care for him. When I was leaving, he told me
to call him sometime because he missed having me around, he
missed his best friend. He told me he loved me and I told
him I loved him before I left.
Went home, packed, got Jordan and off we went to
Charleston. It is cool as hell and we are having just
loads of fun. Just been hanging out, soaking up the night
life and stuff. They took us to a club called Avalon the
other night and we had a great time. Chance and I both got
so trashed we could not even see straight. I met some of
their friends that night and we just sat back mostly, and
enjoyed the drag show. I particularly liked one of their
friends...actually a friend of a friend, Remi. I do not
know why, but right when I was introduced to him, I felt
something. He isn't fine or anything, but he is cute and
extremely nice and fun to hang out with. Obviously, the
feeling was mutual because he told me that he wanted me to
get his number from Chance because he wanted to talk to me
some more. He was also gonna come over last night, but
unfortunately, he had to work late. No biggie, though, we
will be here for a while. And then there was last night.
Chance works at this club...actually a bar. He decided
that he wanted to take us with him last night so we could
see what it was like. It is better than anything we have
at home, but compared to Avalon, it is a dive. But anywho,
Chance took us to his bar and proceeded to get both Jordan
and I completely smashed. I mean I was really really
drunk. I could barely even walk, I was so drunk. And
Jordan, being as skinny as he is, has a super fast
metabolism so he can get really drunk, but thirty minutes
later you would never even know that he had been drinking.
He just cannot retain alcohol. But I was drunk enough for
the both of us. My thing is, when I get drunk, I get
highly flirtatious. And there was one guy, Cristian, that
I directed all the flirting to. But I was not alone
because Cristian was flirting back bigtime. Let me
describe him to you...he is the finest thing that you will
ever see standing upright. He is 30 (but doesn't look over
25), tall, shaved bald head, white with the cutest glasses
I have ever seen, and he just about the most sociable
shyguy you will ever meet. We were talking for hours on
end and it was lovely. Cristian was supposed to be
working, he works security for the club, but he spent most
of the night outside with us just talking. I am telling
you, he IS sex personified!!! He is absolutely hot!!! In
the words of Toni Braxton..."I Want Me Some Him." He made
the whole evening worthwhile, as far as I am concerned.
But alas, shortly after 1 am we packed up and we left, but
not before I was able to find Cristian and hug him good-
bye. He asked if I was coming back tonight and I told him
of course, so I am gonna go again, if for nothing else, but
to see him.