Queer Focus
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2001-10-01 06:42:15 (UTC)

Case Of The Ex - - Stranger Than Fiction

Wanna hear something creepy, creepy, creepy? I had this
strange occurrence last night. I was in the car on the way
home from spending the evening with my bestest friends on
the entire planet, which had come for a visit from out of
town. The last time they were down, they met my boyfriend
for all of a hoy moment. We had decided that since they
were down for the weekend that we would hang out (Lex and
his boyfriend Chance, and Jordan and I) and let them get to
know (and hopefully like) Jordan. The evening was a big
hit and they all hit it off very very very well. Well, on
the drive home I was thinking about some of the things that
we had been talking about, and more specifically, someone
we had been discussing. That is when this eerie thing
occurred. Right when I was thinking about this person, a
song came on. No, it couldn't just be any song, but it had
to be THE song (If You're Gone by Matchbox 20) that I
listened to repeatedly over and over again when we had went
our separate ways. In essence, it had become my song to
him; if I had ever had the courage to at that point, that
I would either sing it aloud to him or at least dedicate to
him. It just brought back some memories of both things
real that we lived through and experienced together, as
well as some of the things that Lex and Chance were saying
about him, some positive, most negative. But that is not
where the strangeness ends. Oh, no!!! When I came home, I
decided to check my e-mail before I went to sleep and what
should I find??? The same person, that we were discussing
at our get-together and that the sound represented, had e-
mailed me...at about the same time that the song had played
on the radio. I have not heard from him in months, but
there it was, in plain black-and-white, the words that he
sent me. It just felt shockingly bizarre that all these
things would come together, such as they had, when I least
expected it. Maybe Daria (MTV's cartoon queen of 'tude)
isn't that far off. Maybe we do live in a "Sick, Sad