The Wonders of Life
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2001-10-01 05:49:59 (UTC)


Well, it is the first Monday of the holidays, and already I
am bored. I have done about 2 and a half hours of study,
and it sucks!
Katie is still pretty pissed at me, I can understand, but I
can't help but feel as though it is because David has come
onto the scene.
I wish i could just go over and see her. Tell her
everything, cry to her and all of that other crap that best
friends do.
A week apart, we haven't done that since she went away for
hockey for a few days, and then I went away for
hospitality. Even then I couldn't stand it.
It's like I don't even count to her any more. I am just
another aquaintance. Someone to be that 'designated driver.'
Ant way, I hope she calls tonight. She said I 'might' be
able to come over tomorrow night. But that is a hell of
alot different to the five days she said we could spend
She is always doing that to me. Changing her mind, and then
wondering why it upsets me.
Well this is making me mad, so I am going to stop now.

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