Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-10-01 05:44:54 (UTC)

Poem - "Leave Me Alone"

Just leave me alone when you walk by.
I can't change a thing but I can try
To keep my cool.
It may be cruel
To judge and blame,
But there's no shame
In peace and quiet,
Maybe you should try it.
But I know how it feels to see
The water rising past your knee,
And to realize you don't have a clue
Just where you left your canoe.
But you see a light
Come into sight,
And you hop on board for a while,
Just so you can smile
And forget about the thunder.
But did you ever stop to wonder
That I may not want
To hear you taunt
When I'm walking to the one place
Where I don't have to see your face.
So please, if you could, just let me pass on through.
Leave me alone and I'll do the same for you.

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