2001-10-01 05:30:29 (UTC)

Come on over...

"...there's a bed to lie on, and when life gets colder
we'll both have a shoulder to cry on. Come on over, there's
so much to do and if gets boring I'll smile just knowing
I've got you. We can make it all through the night and
baby, it'll be okay. But if you cant make it over tonight
then promise you'll be by someday. Come on over, there's a
boy that likes you and where I come from that's just gotta
mean something to you. Come on over, we cant live forever,
if we've gotta get older we might as well do it together.
We can make it all through the night and baby it'll be
okay. Its just something, a little bit of loving that you
could never understand. And I don't know what I'd do If I
had to see you in the arms of another man. If I had it my
way, you'd be here today..."
Catchy tune, them PWT's. Ok, so I think I was gonna write
a happy journal entry...until my dad comes in and lectures
me about nothing. ARGH. Parents are soo annoying
sometimes. Especially my parents. Ask Alex, he knows.
Whatever, my dad is such a jackass sometimes.
Right, on to better stuff. So yesterday I went bowling,
good stuff. After bowlin' we played arcade games, haha,
and Dave played this awesome snowmobile race game, it
vibrates and the whole bit. Hilarious game. So anyhow, we
chilled in mah car for a bit, and so then Kat's padre shows
up, and he takes the crew home, minus alex and I. So I'm
driving, and I make all these stupid stupid mistakes.
Getting out of the parking lot, I drive the wrong direction
down the street, and gotta make this maneuver. I almost
forget to stop at a red light. Then, I blow a red light.
Geez, I'm so dumb. The weird thing is, Alex didnt see it
either, soo...Who knows. I guess I kinda cut off Mr.
Zimmer, and all this shit. I felt like the worst driver
ever. That reminds me, today I was driving to my cousin's
house, and this guy pisses me off soo bad. He drives like
2 miles an hour, and when I try to pass him, he just
changes into the lane I am, blocking me. He did it like 4
times. I got soo angry, and so I just gunn it past him,
and swerve right in front of him. Seriously, not a good
driving experience. So later that night, I was sooo
wanting a CT, but that didnt work out, and I was bummed.
Also, Derrick and I wanted to drag, but he couldn't leave
the house past 12, so I was bummed. I'm not either, but
thats ok. So, yeah. Today, on the way back from my
cousin's, I saw the sunset, it was rather pretty. And
then, as I got home, the moon was out, and that was pretty
too. Yup yup. I've been finding myself enjoying nature
and stuff. Anywhoo, I gotta get offline. (jackass dad)