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2001-10-01 05:01:31 (UTC)

Time for a change...

ok so ya know i had that old journal but it was dumb plus
it was under my old screen name and i just felt the need to
start ALLLLLL over, so here i am. yay yay.

today was sunday. yeaaah. and yesterday was saturday.
knowing that, let's proceed...

yesterday, i woke up and did homework for a long time.
then, at about 1 pm, i got a call from meg saying "hey
we're having a lemonade stand..." (first bad thing)
yeah to make a long story short, joe came and picked me up
(second bad thing) and we got to the park and eddie (VERY
bad thing), anna, marisa, and megs were there selling joy
to all who passed. actually not really. but the church
will feed them.

so yeah i came back home and finished my ONE MATH PROBLEM,
ok? marisa- "it's not lying, it's coverrrring the
truuuth!" haha right.

then meghan came over and made me velveeta mac while we
talked about college, which is something i don't even want
to deal with, ok?? thanks, kids.

then the henrys came over, and only an hour late!! it was
great! we went swimming and stuff and watched...twister?
yeah it was cool.

then today i went to church, and then i went to be a
greeter. then mal & i worked in the nursery and talked
about how much we both want kids...i mean, don't get me
wrong here, i'm not planning on anything in the next year
or so...but i can't wait to be married and have kids and
gosh it will be soooo cute!! yessss!

then we stayed for the vegas meeting, which was cool. i
especially liked the guy in the video with the braids.

yeah then i came home and umm i dunno what i did but it
took a long time. then i went to the meeting @ kristen's
house and we had a good discussion and i like all the youth
group girls so much!! it's soo cool.

then marisa drove me home so we could see kitterssss, and
it was great. then we stood on the porch for like 15
minutes plotting how i can go to homecoming at cam...since
my school just had "incoming" but i missed it and so yeah
i'd love to go in a group to cam's dance but we'll see. in
all these years, i've never experienced a high school
dance. haha what a weirdo. so i need to "hook it up" with
someone, and not someone that will make my dad want to move
the tent...ok at least marisa gets it.

aaag i just wrote this whole complainig paragraph and then
i read it and felt so dumb cuz i am SO blessed...why do i
only see the bush for the thorns?

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