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2001-10-01 04:18:40 (UTC)


    I woke up at 4:30 because I was up until 6 am. I was blocking half the male population of Watson/Live Oak then trying to sooth myself with Jimmy Eat World. I finally woke up and came online to see *gasp* Howard!! That kicks MUCH ass cuz he left for college and I missed him. He asked if I wanted to go meet up w/ some of his friends at Damon's which is this sports bar and grille type or place. Anyway, we get up there and at halftime of the LSU game, Richard shows up. Richard doesn't like Eric and has it set in his mind that I always know where Eric is. Which is odd since I haven't even talked to Eric since last winter sometime. Richard is stupid. He wants me to "step outside" so we can "exchange words". Then he starts bitching about how Eric jacked some money and took off to New Orleans. Well, since I had this ex who sort of did the EXACT same thing to Richard, it's understandable that he would be double-pissed this time. But am I truly supposed to care? Just because Eric dicked him over doesn't mean I know where to find him. I don't even talk to Eric, what the fuck? I have this liscence my friend Jennifer gave me. She lost it, got another one, found it and gave it to me to use as a fake. Well, someone finally caught on that Jenn has blue eyes and I have brown and my ID was conviscated and cut in 2. I was escorted to the door which sucked ass. One of the girls there with us (another Brandi!!) left with me and we walked next door to eat at On The Boarder or whatever it's called. Mexican food is nasty. Our waitor was a hottie though. We left there and went to Barnes and Noble where I bought a picture book about civil disturbances and riots and shit through out history. It's pretty cool if you wanna check it out. Camera In Conflict a collection by Nick Yapp. The game was over and we FINALLY left. We all went back to Howard's house and he had a few more friends over. You have to realize thought, that only makes about 6 people. Me and Brandi #2 were the only girls and that bitch LEFT ME THERE! She said she got sick from the restaurant and wanted to leave. Honestly, I think she just had to shit. So I scanned some pics, mailed them to myself, then watched Keith put D.J. to shame in a few games of pool. I came home and saw that none of my pics came through..... My night blew ass.

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