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2001-10-01 04:01:47 (UTC)


    I made money today. Keith asked me if I wanted to go shoot pool. I didn't. THEN I remember Keith is the master. We hit a few pool halls and he hustled a bunch of high school kids out of some cash. We went to D.S. Gameroom and I saw my friend Jackson. He was there with this dude Garret and this fat guy that I know I know. Turns out I don't know him but he's a triplet. Shane, Dane and Lane. I always thought Dane and Lane were twins. There's a whole other one just like them! Scary...Anyway, I get home at about 2, right? And my phone starts ringing like hell. Jackson had given Garret my number. Garret had shared that valuable piece of information with Shane. Shane passed it along to this dude with this messed up name that I can't even pronounce. They're all calling me, annoying me and passing the number to all of their dumbass little friends. Anyway, Weird-Name Guy whose name is like Jock or something, ya know, as in "Jock Strap" but the J is funny sounding. So he's calling me telling me how gorgeous (yes, that is the word he used) he is and that his truck is bad ass, maybe he should come get me and blah blah blah. And I"m all like "Or maybe you can go over to your little friends' houses and take it up the ass while I block you number. I called Jackson to bitch and his lame excuse was he didn't want his "boys" calling him a "playa hata" or "cock blocka" so he HAD to give up the number. Jackson is no longer allowed o drivge me places.

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