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2001-10-01 00:40:40 (UTC)

Sunday - Maybe I have forgotten something more important that all toughs

Sunday I worked in some courses of weekends. I got some
work for week. Ever people I served tells me the next
place to go.
In my home town. I met my friend Mel. I almost didn't notice
the sweet things she said to me. Even she was with a
boyfriend a temporary dating. Yes in my home town it is
usual people has some instant dating. It is not what I know.
It causes misundertandings to me.
She said how handsome I was wore. Really I was with some
buttons clothes. Buttons are to beauty clothes.
When she said someday that words she did it by heart.
Althought my rational mind I can't control my feelings.
It is a reason because people usually loves or hates me.
I felt something as anger when I saw her with another guy.
I must don't feel it because she is only my loyal friend.
Her friend Carol is who I adore much because I think she
is right truly and very intelligent. I think what Mel told
me that night changes my life. To care about someone it is
not the same other people cares about me. It made me
thankfull for her cares about me. Even she isn't my ideal
kind of people. My heart adores her and there is no way I
can change it. If I would be truly for her. I'm a loyal
people and sometimes think other people has more right
than me. Because I think about my feelings while others
are showing. I thought sometimes they need it more than me.
But I ever have forgotten that people deserves my feelings
more than my loyalty.
From my society experience. I will take place to another
street. Without feelings I could understand better. Then
I would be a better friend to Mel. And make her happy even
we would concern we are not one to other what each one
anted to be. At least her and me should known it. Only
good memories will visit her and me in future. Better we
had a story than have only feelings.