Lil* Black Backpack
2001-10-01 03:30:25 (UTC)


hey every one.... well this weekend i went to se Matchbox
twenty in concert in AZ. They are so f*en good. I sware
they are so awsome. O yea and im going to the Incubus
concert, my Fav. band in the whole wide world.

i sware sometimes i just lay down and i think of everything
that is going on in my life, and if i can beat all these
problemes that are going on. If i can be strong. I mean i
dont know i i ever have been really loved by a hand thats
touched me, and i am a lil rusty. I just want this whole
thing going on in my life to turn out okay. I have so many
things just going on i dont even know how to handle all of
I wonder how many people think about what they have now,
what they used to have, and what they have never had but
want. Just to put ur place in each one of those situations,
what u would do. I wonder if ne one has ever thought about
the same things I do. Its wierd to think that someone might
be thinking or even doing the same thing im doing right
this second.
I guess i just think about things like that when i really
dont have ne thing else to do, or im trying to go to bed. I
dont know i have my reasons. I wish i had all the answers
for most of my ques. but don't we all. well gotta go so buh

-luv shelley - if your gone - mad season - bent - 3 am- push