Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-01 03:27:18 (UTC)


Whoa.. I've really been slackin. I haven't written anything
since like.. Thursday! haha:)

Let's see... let's see.. my weekend. Ok, here it goes.

Friday - football game. Boring as crap. Rock Hill sucks. I
can say that now that I don't have any friends on the
team:) Well, except for Sam.. but oh well. Anyway, it was
such an embarrassment, we decided to leave the game at the
beginning of the 3rd quarter. Ironton's game was pretty
exciting (we were listening to it on the radio) so we
decided to drive by the stadium with the windows rolled
down so we could hear it:) hehe
Then we went into mawmaw's so we could see Baby Trent:) He
is soooo adorable! I love babies. Anyway, Aunt Sheila and
Aleisha and Tyler came back and Tyler was all wild and
stuff. But he's just so darn fun... and cute.. I played
with him the whole night. haha:)

Saturday - After watching Ohio State win.. Jen called and
we decided we would go out to eat. CJ Maggies was the
restraunt of choice.. of course:) But boy, what a wait!
haha Not only was it a Saturday night, but it was Ashland
and South Point's homecoming.. so there were all these
couples dressed up really fancy and stuff. It was kinda
When we finally got seated, we sat behind this incredibly
drunk woman! haha:) She was staggering to the bathroom and
stuff. It was funny. Then, our waiter took forever to ever
come and take our order.. and when he finally did come, he
was one of those waiters that just acts like.. they're too
cool to be working there or something, ya know? But,
anyway, we didn't really make it hard on him. Me and Jen
both ordered the same thing. Chicken Arms, Hearth Bread,
and a Water:) hehe

Today - I got my pics of the kids at the day care developed
today. I was so excited. My mom said I should definitely be
a teacher cause when i was lookin thru the pictures.. I was
lke "aww.. look at this one! I love her! Oh.. here's my
favorite little boy. he's so funny!" haha:)
Oh yeah, I also ate Chinese today. Yummm Yummmm. I love
that stuff. Haven't had it in awhile either. It was good.
Then I went to Lerner's and got a pair of dress pants for
$5.99! I was happy. Yeah.. so what? I'm cheap. Get over it:)