Just Another Dumb Blonde
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2001-10-01 03:07:37 (UTC)

kisses ruin everything

the title explains it all. kisses can be sooooooo
wonderful... they can also suck ass. but the worse kiss is
the kiss that is forbidden but is sooooo good. becuase i am
a dumass, i kissed the guy my friend was into. it was very
very good. but it was very very bad that she liked him. but
we are into each other! so yeah skip ahead a lil... shes
cool with me and him kinda "seeing" each other. we arent
technically together though. but we make out and stuff and
talk on the phone and go on dates. and then, last nite
my friends threw me a suprise party for my birthday. make a
long story short, i got extremely drunk and then made out
with another guy. i was thinking of my guy the whole time,
but i was with this fucker!!! the fucker was a hell of a
kisser though i gotta tell ya... but that makes it even
WORSE!!! so i havent talked to my guy all day, but i want
to but i dont know if i should tell him... i will tell him.
but i dont want him to go away...
im so scared. i think i might love him.... i know thats
sounds so stupid but i really care for him i cant belive i
did what i did. i feel really horrible like i cheated but
we arent going out!!! ugh!! this is extremely
frusterating. well i have about a weeks worth of homework
to do in about 4 hours so i guess i better end this.