Procrastination is Key
2001-10-01 02:45:25 (UTC)

I better write something

Uh oh- I have just received a handy-dandy little email
telling me that it has been a while since I submitted an
entry on here, and since I am right in the middle of
procrastinating- I think I should go ahead and get it out of
the way right now!
So its sunday night- the weekend is over for all practical
purposes. Friday night I went to see a couple friends at
State, and although I do have bruises scattered here and
there (some people just don't realize that i am seriously
fragile fruit here:-p), I'd say it was fun overall. Saturday
was another day for celebration after we went to Raleigh and
wiped the smiles off the faces of State fans near and far-
what fun. So then in all my excitement it was time to
shop- not too much, i promise;-) Now however I would say
that I am quite somber. Not just b/c another week of
classes is starting, including a test tomorrow, but things
just aren't going right I guess. I feel saddness for a
friend and I wish that she didn't have to deal with stuff
b/c I know just what it is like, and that makes me feel even
...So I watched Jerry Maguire tonight- or at least the last
hour of it, which is probably the best part anyway- and you
know how sometimes movies can just get to ya when you are
thinking already! Its just a mess:-p I know all this is
really criptic- but here is some more- I'm thinking that
changes need to be made- with me that is- b/c something just
isn't working with the way I am now. I've gotta find out
what exactly they are first though. I'm not talking drastic
here- at least I hope not- I'm just like everybody else I
guess, and we could all use a little change for the better
from time to time I think. Oh boy- now I have a new project.
Wow- what a jumble of nonsense, at least I know what I am
talking about:-p OK- time to look over notes once more and
then probably bedtime{after a little talking perhaps(hehe)}-
b/c goodness knows I like my sleep!