Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-01 02:44:22 (UTC)

Of Grandma's and Pet Peeves...

I visited my grandma today in Rushmore. My aunt and uncle
were there too, and I really enjoyed seeing them.
I'm so excited! My cousin's pregnant! She's married,
she's 27, and she has the CUTEST dog in the world!
Jazmine... Jazzy! First time I saw Jazzy, she jumped on my
lap, peed, and ever since then we've been friends. I love
Today I kept thinking about these strange memory's I have,
like one from sixth grade when I was doing Clicks to lead
our marching band onto the football field. Brandon's
pissed because we're not doing Clicks this year. They're
doing our Cadence, and he wanted to do Clicks. I don't
blame him, Clicks are better for field entry.
I got to thinking today, and one of my pet peeves is people
who don't give a fuck about anything. Like half of my
colorguard squad. I'm the captain-sort of, we don't
actually CALL it the captain, but I have the most
experience and I know what the hell I'm doing. And I care.
Or people who don't care that they make us run suicides
just so they can make out with their boyfriends. (Who's an
ugly fag anyway, KARI!) Or just people who don't care
Another is my mother and her constant bitching about my
room. If it's not clean, she flys off the deep end and
doesn't let me go anywhere until it's done, even though I
don't listen to her. It's my room and she'll just come in
and start making a mental list of everything that's "out of
place". Maybe where it is when she's in there is
it's "place"! She doesn't know.
I was listening to my ClickRadio, and this song I haven't
heard in AGES came on! "Standing Outside A Broken Phone
Booth With Money In My Hands" by Primitive Radio Gods. I
love that song!
My want list has increased to Aaliyah's "Are You That
Somebody". I love that song too.
Tomorrow's another volleyball game. I can hardly wait.
We're playing a team that we creamed 15-1, 15-4, 15-7, 15-
12, 15-9, and 15-3 last time we met them. Haven't they had
I'm working on a story, or "novel" right now. It's in
journal form, with bits of conversation mixed in. I think
my West Wing exposure has improved my writing alot. It's
more mature, and definitly more humorous and sarcastic.
More mature stuff, not the normal kiddy eighth grade
writing style. I'm happy, and I can write banter like no
other S-O eighth grader! I am Banter Queen! *evil laugh*

"You're Heart Is Not Open, So I Must Go"

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