Life, one day at a time
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2001-10-01 02:34:52 (UTC)

Day 4

Welcome to Sunday. As I sit here, I realize that in all of
the incoherent ramblings that have preceded this message
have been completely worthless. So today, I'll attempt to
break that trend. Life is fleeting. Everyday that passes
by is one more closer to death. This is why people should
do more with their lives than just sit around on their fat
asses and piss time away. We need to do more exciting
things, we need to help more people, we just need to live.
Enough of this petty crap and materialistic bullshit. We
need to move on, get over our squabbles and live as one
species. Look at nature. Everything is in its proper
place. No animal kills another for being different. It's
the survival of the fittest, not survival of the most
popular, or survival of the richest. Those who work to
survive survive, those whom are pampered ultimately perish.
Call it barbarian, but it's the way things should work.
Sure, humans have made wonderful "advances" in society, but
those "advances" eventually turn us into mind numbing
zombies who do nothing but rot in their own sofas, watching
the machines they created rape and destroy this world from
the inside out. The monotony of daily life makes me sick
and seeing all of these clones doing nothing to stop it
makes me want to divorce myself from the human race. We
need to take the initiative to break away from our corporate
blinders and see the world for what it really is. Real.
And now for my end quote-"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is
a mystery and today is a gift."-Taproot

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