2001-10-01 02:30:15 (UTC)


It's Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. I hope it will be a good
day and I hope Ted does not come in and bother me all day.
I miss my old supervisor. We had fun times. It was fun to
give him shit. My crew are all becoming idiots with the
exception of T. Why must I get idiot phone calls every
weekend? It's like all week they are fine and then Friday
nite itis like their fucking brain goes out the door. I
guess C was mad that I wrote in that notebook but I don't
give a fuck. It doesnt mattter. I am tired of incompetent
employees. Does anyone else have this problem? I cant
seeem to hire anyone that wants to work. It sucks. Me and r
are doing ok right now. He bought me a diamond Saturday. It
is beautiful. I picked it out. We spent way too much money
this weekend. And we just got paid. Two weekes to go til
we have more money...:( We never have any food in the
house. It sucks. I wonder when my brother is ever going to
act like my brother. He acts like he hates me. AAAAAhhhh.
It makes me crazy. If anyone reads this and is interested
in being penpals(snail mail) let me know. b