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2001-10-01 02:17:00 (UTC)

The 'Real' Reality

Bills piled up next to the toaster, bills neither she nor
her husband could possibly pay. The disease had kept the
small family on the edge of sanity for years now. It’s
impossible to know exactly when the downfall started, to
pinpoint the exact month when suddenly nothing went right.
This type of problem is more abstract than that; more
complicated, less easy to capture in ones hand and crush
like any annoying rodent.
The disease has many names, death, grief, post-
traumatic stress disorder, guilt complex, anxiety,
insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder, just to name a
few. This family has heard them all, not once or twice, but
repeatedly, and everywhere they go. Mistakes in morals,
mistakes in choice, they collided and created the perfect
atmosphere for the disease to strike.
Reality is very hard on those who refuse to admit
it exists, those would be the recovering addicts.
Struggling through 12 step programs, straining to figure
out which job is a good job, but still admits someone with
a felony. Reality is hard core stuff; it’s the main reason
for suicide. Ever hear someone who killed himself or
herself because of fantasy? No, not often do people die
because of fairy tales.. only the bad guys right?
Another line that has been made blurry by the ever-
changing society we live in. Who is the so-called bad guy?
Is it the large corporate tobacco companies selling death
like every day grocery items? Or is it the media,
fabricating the truth to make a rock stars struggle with
cocaine seem glamorous and heroic? The magazines that
portray the perfect girl weighing in at approximately 85
pounds with perfect skin. Then maybe it is the parents who
refuse to set boundaries with there kids, or the parents
who set to many boundaries, or the parents.. who simply
aren’t there at all. Perhaps the government taxes us to
much, works to hard on the military, doesn’t protect the
people enough. Another choice would be God who refuses to
prove his very existence; he isn’t saving us enough. The
idea of having a faith that is tested at all is absurd now.
The truth is, you can choose your bad guy and blame
all your problems on this entity, and this is society’s way
of coping. People die because of lung cancer, people die
of hunger, people die of anorexia, people die of AIDS,
people die, it’s a part of life. So is death the enemy? It
is ironic that Dr.’s can prolong a person’s life 10 or 20
years but lack the ability to make the next 5 years of the
person’s life happy years. AIDS patients are living much
longer today ever wonder how many of them are truly happy?
It has stopped being about what’s right or wrong.
It has stopped being about what could of should of would of
happened if only this or that was different. The bills will
keep coming. Next week the same house note that is due
every month will be taking another chunk of money out of
your bank account. This is reality. Waking up at five a.m.
because you have to be at work by seven. That is reality.
Watching your husband die of cancer so painful he cries in
your arms. Reality is everything you hope never happens.
Reality is the bad things that happen to other people, but
not to you.