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2001-10-01 02:15:28 (UTC)

Poetry I wrote a while ago...

Remind myself to breath
Fight the tears,
The tears that threaten,
To Break Free

Her voice hisses and crackles over the phone,
I am her daughter, her son, the only one,
......She never wanted.


Find words to say,
Find phrases to fit,
Ignore the pain,
Ignore the bitch,
Fuck the ignorant,
Fuck the stray,
Don't be that way,
Don't go that far,
Be just an a little angel,
Be just who you are.


Stages of My Life

"Can't you be more like me?"
She said.
"Can't you be more normal?"
She asked.
"Can't you be good?"
She demanded.
"Can't you be SANE?"
She hissed.
"I can't love you like this"
She stated.
"Don't cry, you wimp"
She taunted.
"I hate you"
She declared.

No Love Here

No love here,
go look elsewhere,
this heart is empty,
your not good enough,
your not perfect enough,
you don't fit in enough,
no love here,
go look elsewhere,
I don't love you,
I can't love you,
I won't love you,
No love here,
go look elsewhere.


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