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2001-10-01 02:13:14 (UTC)

Cindy Died Last Night (song I wrote)

I got a call at 10 o'clock last night,
I heard her voice on the line,
Crying, crying,
Begging me to come home,
I had to work late once again,
I never meant to hurt her,
I never meant to make her cry.

Cindy died today,
She killed herself at the liquor store.
Hung herself in the back room
From the light switch
With a bottle of wine next to her knees.
She wrote us a note to say good bye.
Cindy died today.

All alone, just the same as any other day.
No one listened; no one seemed to know.
What was going on.
Cindy killed herself last night.
Her soul has been gone much, much longer.
She let us know in a note written with a shaking hand.
Cindy’s gone, Cindy’s dead, say goodbye,
Even though you never listened to a word she said
The bruises should have been enough


Cindy killed herself last night,
Hung herself from the light switch at the liquor store.
I got the call at 9 am
Cindy died today, they said.
No one could believe it,
Cindy died today.


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