Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2001-10-01 01:37:26 (UTC)


I've finally finished the writing of the entire
collection. Now comes the hard part of cutting (as
mentioned two entries ago) But here is a Preview of one of
the poems I'm very happy with and will include in the
I just wrote it too...
It's called "Human" and I hope you like it.


We're all the same
when you look past the surface
we create life and destroy it
we want to be loved yet can hate
we have virtues and flaws
how utterly human we all are

a bitter monster
waits patiently in the night
waiting for the victim to get caught in it's web
so it can devour
and consume
and be so destructive

a doctor
hears the baby cry
and cradles the baby in his arms
for a moment in awe
at the wonder of it all
bringing life into the world

how utterly human we all are
we are faithful and fearful
we are selfless and selfish
we create and we destroy
such is being human
and it is the nature of us all

it is that nature
that reflects the world around us
and it is that humanity
that makes us all so beautiful
and the wonder that is being human
makes brothers of us all

for we are human
and we are all the same
when you get past the surface

What did you think?

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