Blood on my Hands
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2001-02-27 19:01:09 (UTC)

*yawns* It s been such a busy..

*yawns* It's been such a busy day. I was good in school -
didn't talk, tried not to talk back. I was a good girl,
think I'll get a lollipop?!

It's pancake day today, and no-one remembered except me.
So I sit at my computer typing while my mum yells at my
sister for spilling the mix. I'm not making the mix - that
bits boring. I just turn up mysteriously for the flipping.


I just went and had two pancakes. My parents make them
differently to how my guider used to, all non-greasy.
Whats the point in that?! Obviously you eat a million
greasy pancakes and then spend the whole of lent making up
for them.

My parents think I'm mad, I'm not a Christian and I'm
giving up chocolate and The Net for Lent. It makes sense
to me - one of the few christian ideas that does!