2001-10-01 01:04:09 (UTC)

More Advice From A Librarian

This advice is from a different librarian than the one
I wrote about yesterday.

This librarian was the children's librarian in the town
where I lived when I was nine or ten. I was often at the
library because I read at least a book a day. Okay, they
weren't exactly all classics. I did read classics but it
was Nancy Drew I loved best. I still read mainly mysteries.

This librarian, unlike the stereotype, had a sense of humor.
One day she put up a list of things one *shouldn't* use as
bookmarks. The strangest one to me was a strip of bacon.
Now I'd used many things as bookmarks, including things I
shouldn't have ought to, but I had never even considered
using bacon. My first thought, of course, was raw or cooked?

Speaking of books, I've updated my list of books read in
2001 to include those read in September.