Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 00:47:56 (UTC)

Success Event Observation-Allstate

Good Morning Mastermind!

An observation I have made regarding what kept me driven
thought my Forecaster Period that helped me focus my
attention to a sharp laser focus!

I had a goal that became so huge and important to me, it
took on a life of its own and became almost LARGER then
life and a Mission I HAD TO ACHIEVE!

I've been reading Napoleon Hill's Keys To Success and he
breaks down the success formula and I have adapted it to
LEARN what I did right in my Forecaster period and
duplicate this success!

Adapted from Chapter 11 in this book!

Having a Definiteness of Purpose

I decided what I wanted, and created a plan that included a
specific, focused outcome. I nurtured this vision every day
with goals, posts here, to the point where my vision of
this goal grew so huge, the more definitive it became in my
minds eye!!!

Support from Mastermind Alliance

The Alliance helped me to intensify my focus by creating a
mass psychology which increased my faith, self-reliance,
imagination, creative vision, personal initiative,
enthusiasm and will to win. I felt all the aid and
encouragement from a team of WINNERS who focus on potential
instead of deficits.

Applied Faith

With a definite major purpose, a supportive Mastermind I
leveraged applied faith in my ability to achieve
Forecaster. My faith and controlled attention was well
nurtured to the point where it had fertile ground to grow.
I leveraged the power of faith and belief and it grew to
amazing lazer sharp focus coupled with a belief that I

Positive Mental Attitude

I was so busy focusing on my outcome and taking daily,
consistent action, that I did not have much time to get
stuck in doubt. I road rough shot over any fears or doubts
that I had due to a daily diet of faith, belief, support
which maintained my POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. There was no
time for procrastination in this mindset.

Going The Extra Mile

My daily and weekly stretching to exceed my previous self
imposed limits made me create amazing momentum, with an
outstanding synergistic effect within this Alliance amongst
all my Mastermind Allies, which in turn fueled my positive
attitude, which in turn made my focus even sharper. We had
momentum Mastermind, and I thank you for your participation
in this. In effect, we all raised the bar and had laser
focus, because we shared all the synergy created.

This self evaluation will be continued later today!!!