Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 00:46:09 (UTC)


Good morning Mastermind!!

I'm cresting a wave and decided that now is the best time
to look to my next target!!!!!Momentum is a wonderful
thing! Its a good time for me to break out that surf board
and get ready for the next WAVE!!!

My next goal is to work on meeting pace with Allstate on a
monthly basis to work on getting Honour Ring! There is a
set plan for Agents to write a certain amount of Auto and
Property policies monthly and yearly!!

With Forecaster behind me, I plan to GET THAT HONOUR

WHY????? Well, this is the next step in my mission to be
THE BEST ALLSTATE AGENT the company has ever seen!!! There
is a recognition conference next year and I want to be up
on stage and accepting that Honour Ring award with my
colleagues cheering me on!!!

Go for the gusto Mastermind! Reach, stretch and master
whatever you are working on today!! You know, we are truly
part of that five percent of the population that actually
has a mission, a vision and takes concrete action to
realize our full potentials!!!

We are not simply stuck in making a living, we are ALL out
there designing a life!!!!!

I know that each and every one of you has what it takes to
be the best that you can possibly be in your lives. Your
involvement in Mastermind speaks volumes of your commitment
to yourselves and your dreams!


Your challenge for the upcoming month~!

1. Define your mission and vision and know your WHYS!

2. Begin with your end in mind and work daily at BEING that
dynamic human being that you see in your mind's eye.

3. Articulate your mission statement and translate your
dream into concrete, manageable goals, with specific
targets and outcomes!

4. Share your goals with Mastermind and your personal
support system. THIS IS POWERFUL MASTERMIND. Public
accountability makes your goals more then simply a wish

5. Constantly evaluate what works, what does not work and
re-adjust daily.

7. Celebrate your daily successes. You need to pay
attention to the things that you do well and pat yourself
on the back!!!

8. Support others along the way. Others will come to your
aid if they know how much you care about what matters to

9. Have fun!!!!!! Life and success is not a destination but
rather a journey. Enjoy the process of getting there!!!!!!

Ok, I have to go, but lets all get out there today and show
the world what we are made of Mastermind!