The Sarchasm Chronicles
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2001-10-01 00:37:12 (UTC)

House Sale Update

Still no offers on the house.

Feedback has been "mainly" positive, but the negative points
have been consistent.

1. The water stains on the basement walls lead them to
believe the leakage is serious.

2. The house smells like "dog"

3. The fence is a wreck

4. The corral looks terrible

Sybil was SUPPOSED to get a price on having the basement
painted a looong time ago -- back when SHE decided that SHE
didn't want to help do it. Well, if Sybil wasn't gonna help I
wasn't gonna do it myself! So I told HER to get a price (I
got prices on all the other improvements and put in the time
doing upgrades myself.)

Well, after the last note from the Realtor, I figure I
better go ahead and get a price on having the basement
painted by a third party. I made a contact at a business
networking event and gave the guy a call. The handyman new
that I only wanted to pay around $100 to have the work done,
so he cut corners on some stuff (washing down the walls,
etc.) I figure WHO CARES? We don't have to see it anymore,
and it only needs to be a bandage -- make a better
impression on the homebuyers -- but SHE didn't feel the

I should have just paid the guy myself and told Sybil I did it
personally... Sybil would have expected me to do a half-ass job (and
bitched about it) anyway.

Once I told Sybil about the guy (pretty much just asking if
SHE'd kick in on the cost) SHE starts asking all these
questions - is he going to wash down the walls, etc.

I told Sybil if she had so many questions, SHE should call the
guy herself and ask him. (Of course I get the BIG SIGH!)

HER time is apparently too valuable to do these things... better
to let ME do them and then bitch about my decisions --
Hey! Just like when we were married!)

SO... later that day I get a call from Sybil asking "Where did
I find this guy, because he seems like an idiot and SHE
doesn't want to use him." SHE had found two other handymen
in the paper and was going to have them quote on the job --
SHE'd meet one this Saturday and another on Monday to get
prices. Why didn't SHE just do this in the first place????

In the meantime, Sybil had gone over to the house (for who
knows what?) and called to tell me SHE tore down the Corral
in the driveway, and a shelf in the basement. I asked why
SHE tore down the shelf... there was nothing wrong with it!
It was a great storage shelf! SHE tore it down so that the
painters could more easily get to the wall in back of it to
clean and paint! UGH! All the had to do was reach back
there -- it didn't need torn down! Too late -- already
done. I didn't get a vote (again).

I went over to the house to use "Carpet Fesh" on the rug to
eliminate some of the dog-smell, and saw the job SHE did.

All the waste timber was stacked on end perilously close to
the house. It's been windy as hell, and one good breeze
would have knocked the shit into the kitchen window. For a
picky-person like HER, I'm surprised SHE left it there...

Someone was helping HER.
HE was probably helping her. If I had just gone to the
house a few hours earlier I probably would have run into
THEM. There's NO WAY she did all that work herself and
carried all the shelving upstairs alone.

Oh, and one more piece of depressing news...
Our anniversary is coming up next week.

It would have been ELEVEN YEARS.

Should I get HER a card, or what?

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