Date With Destiny
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2001-10-01 00:32:49 (UTC)

More Mastermind Vision!

Good Morning Mastermind!!

We have all come together, through the web, to ignite a
passion in over 130 members, worldwide, who have dared to
dream, and have demonstrated the soul to dare. Mastermind
has decided to be a major player in the area of succeeding
in the most important game we will play. THE GAME OF LIFE!

What we have achieved in two short years is nothing short
of OUTSTANDING! Postings in this conference and in our
Mastermind Listbot number well over 4000 posts with all
kinds of infinite wisdom, and success development

We have developed our own website, have cultivated a strong
collective of highly self-actualized human beings who
bought into the concept of reaching to a higher level. We
have essentially become the consummate 21rst Century DREAM

I have a vision Mastermind that I want to share with you
and solicit your support in here. What if we were to
collate our synergistic knowledge here and PUBLISH A BOOK...

The Mastermind Alliance, Synergy 2001;Quantum Leaps
Creating the Third Mind into the 21rst Century!!!!!!!!

I want to invite members to work with me to develop this
book, publish it and create a Mastermind Scholarship Fund
to support a Mastermind Alliance Success Development
Institute; to Cultivate World Wide Leaders in the area of
personal and professional development.

Ok, Ive planted a seed.... I know there are authors out
there, editors, people who are gifted with the written
word, members who are amazing researchers, lets slowly
start pulling this together.

Here is a beginning...

Who wants to get on board and join the Mastermind Dream
Team to develop the outline for our Book huh?

This thread will serve as a discussion of the format and
outline for this Project.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome!


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