Kat Eyes
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2001-10-01 00:32:07 (UTC)

sept. 30,2001

k.sorry that i haven't written in a few days. i maxed out
on my netzero hours and i couldn't get online.not much else
has been going on. my article on the luau dance is due for
yearbook and i don't have all the pictures and my teacher
is gonna be pissed.homecoming happens on oct.19 at the four
points hotel and i just got my dress today.dad and i and
some friends from chat are flying to florida on oct.12 so i
won't have time to shop.the dress is beautiful.this sounds
conceded but i think that i look damn good in it.it's from
windsor and it is plain white and has thin straps and the
back is so low that i can't wear a bra with it.i'm gonna
wear the pearl earings that dad got for me at redondo beach
and my great-grandmother's pearl necklace.and i'll put
those little sticky gems in my hair and i have white
shoes.but when i went to the arcadia mall to see the
dress,they didn't have it in my size so dad had to drive me
out to the glendale galleria and pick it up there.it drags
on the floor a little bit and it has a small make-up stain
on it,but we still got it.i tried it on when we got home
with my shoes on and the front doesn't drag,but the back
does.and we're gonna get it dry-cleaned so the stain will
be gone.i went with dad on saturday to get an engagement
ring.it's really beautiful also.i know that dad is spending
alot of money right now that he doesn't have.i wanted to
get these really nice jeweled chopsticks for my hair and go
and get a french manicure for my nails,but i can make do
without.so i'm gonna pay for the ticket myself and forget
all the other stuff that i don't need.the dress is so
beautiful though!it is white and has thin straps and has a
gather on the top so my boobs don't hang out(yea right!)and
it's as plain as day.the back is low,like i said but it's
still beautiful.i wish i had someone to go with.i mean,i'll
go even if i don't have someone to go with,but it'd make
the whole night alot better.when we were coming home from
the galleria and redondo beach,we drove under alot of
tunnels.i heard on tiny toons once that if you hold your
breath and make a wish while you're under a tunnel,it'll
come true.i tried it for fun once and it worked!so on the
way back home,we went under about 6 tunnels and i made the
same wish over and over again.let me just say that it had
something to do with brian and the homecoming dance.wel,i
have to go.while we were at the beach,dad must have bought
about $50 worth of seafood.so wer'e having a fantastic
dinner.i have to say though,when dad went to grandma and
grandpa's house this weekend to tell them about florida and
everything,at first i felt really bad for them.i
mean,grandma and i always spend time together and i'm one
of their sources of happiness.but now i'm angry.grandma was
crying and grandpa is probably pissed.i mean,i would be to
if i had just bought a house for my son and two years later
he's telling me that he wants to move and leaves me with no
choice but to sell the house.and i know that right now
isn't the best time what with the stocks dropping and
everything.btu they showed absolutely no moral
suppor.no "congratulations".no nothing.just crying and
silent anger.and i know that i'm gonna be grilled with
questions,and to be honest,i don't want to answer them.if
they want to know so badly,they can ask dad.i just don't
want to be bugged about it right now because this is hard
for me too.while we were gone,grandma called saying that
she loves us and thatthat maybe her and dad could talk and
that she loves us.that was it.and on saturday about an hour
after we got back from their place,grandma called and told
me that we were gonna talk.not right then and there,just we
were gonna talk.and you wanna know what?I DON'T WANT TO
TALKso she's gonna be pretty clueless for a while.well, i
definately have to go now.more tomorrow maybe depending on
my homework and if i make it out of my grandma's car alive
after school.