Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 00:30:25 (UTC)

What Drove Me in the Past!

Hello Shania.

Ok, you asked some really good questions. The decision I
made to go into social work, was made fifteen years ago
when I was a teenager. My parents taught me to have a
strong sense of community contribution, and I felt that I
could really make a difference in the lives of others and
in my community.

On a personal note, I also had a brother that was in
conflict with the law, and I decided that I wanted to help
other youth in his situation to prevent what he went

Along the way in my young career as a social worker, I
realized that if I wanted to make massive changes in the
system, I had to rise to positions of authority and
responsibility to really influence policy and governments
to make the changes I felt were needed in the system.

I got involved politically, running for public office, I
became involved in community boards and committees to work
towards influencing social policy, and I got the experience
I needed and rose to the program administration level in
social work, and ran a community organization. I was not
content simply sitting on the sidelines, it was an all or
nothing commitment for me.

Four years ago, I started to become involved in the area of
network marketing and consumer direct marketing and started
a successful small business. I discovered that I loved the
pace and energy of being in business for myself and I began
to set some new goals. This led me down the path that I am
in today. Again, my passion for wanting to be a leader in
what I do, meant that if I was going to move into the
corporate sector, simply being there was not enough. I had
to position myself with the right company, with the right
products and be a mover and shaker in the field.

My vision and plan began to change when I focused on my
home based business. I began to set a hole set of new goals
and objectives.

I was recruited by a colleague and encouraged to apply for
a position with Allstate Insurance two years ago.
Interesting how this opportunity was in complete alignment
with the new financial and business goals I had set for
myself when I started working my home based business. I
seized the moment, and made the move.

I was successful in meeting over 90% of all the personal
goals I set for myself in the field of social work and
community activism, and I EXPECT that I will duplicate this
energy and drive again. Thats why I am so excited.... and
that's what drives me, the ability to stretch again, grow
again, to abundance and be the best that I can possibly
be... and my personal drive to STAND OUT IN A CROWD, and be
acknowledged as an expert in what I do, not simply part of
the norm.

I guess I have a very strong belief that if you want to
make a difference, you have to do things big and
distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. I normally
dont get involved with anything in life, personally or
professionally, unless I am prepared to be THE BEST at what
I do. Here I am again with Allstate Insurance, and ready to
rise to the top percent of Agent's in this company from a
financial volume perspective.

So, today, I am working on my new ten year plan. And I
fully expect to duplicate my success in the corporate
world, in the way I did in the Non-Profit Sector. TO BE THE

Hope this gives you a bit of insight into what drives me:)

Have a good one Mastermind.