Date With Destiny
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2001-10-01 00:24:53 (UTC)


Here is a quote from John Kalench in the Seven Secrets of
the Master Prospector....

"The speed at which we manifest the things we want in life
is directly proportionate to the speed at which we become
comfortable with those things"!

In the first chapter of this book, he says that Master
prospector's dont sit on their assets... and that if you
shoot for the moon, you will at least clear the tree tops!

This is very symbolic of my drive for the forecaster award,
and my career move to Allstate Insurance!

Today, and for the rest of October, I choose to be a man in
action, to have the will to do, and the soul to dare!

So mastermind, who here as a willingness to be IN MOTION
HUH?....and who here is willing to be in a motion with a
definite plan of action?

Do something big today, one thing that brings you one step
closer to your mission and vision. Become that Master
Prospector, whether that be in your business, your personal
life or in the achievement of one of your major goals!

Take one big action today, follow through, and notice what
worked and did not work today, then adjust your course

John Kalench says that Master Prospector's dont sit on
their assets, they go out there and create some motion and
I will add that its motion with emotion with synergy!!!!

Have an outstanding day Mastermind... AND BE IN MOTION

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