Date With Destiny
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2001-10-01 00:23:16 (UTC)

My WHY'S IN 2000!

Good Morning Mastermind!!!

I have ONE ultimate goal that I WILL achieve this
month!!!!! To close off on the Forecaster Award with
Allstate, I will write another another seventeen pieces of
business for a total of 60 policies in fifteen weeks.

I have two weeks to write a combination of seventeen
policies that are either Auto, home and/or tenant policies!

IN NOVEMBER... I see Mike Haskel, President of Allstate
Insurance Canada, presenting me with the Forecaster Award,
in front of a large room of Allstate employees, which
signifies that my production is a DEFINATE sign of my
FUTURE success with Allstate Insurance. This award
signifies that I am a new Agent that is ONE THE MOVE WITH
Allstate Insurance!!

Thats the WHAT...

Why Must I do this?????

1. I want to prove something to myself! That I know in my
heart of heart's that this move to Allstate IS the right
decision for me! Getting this award will solidify in my
mind that I am on my way to creating definate abundance in
my life.

2. To prove something to Rod LArocque, the Agent that
believed in me and referred me to Allstate Insurance! Rod,
has backed me all the way, even when some within the
company doubted that I could move from a Not for profit
environment into a sales environment! The Forecaster Award
will signal to Rod that he was justified in supporting me
in Allstate.

3. To set the right tone for future awards in Allstate. The
Forecaster Award will be the first in many awards of
outstanding production that I will receive with the
company. It will sit along side the Allstate Honour Ring,
(Yearly Award for meeting production quota's with Allstate,
and other production quota award's) It will be the START OF

4. To simply have that Forecaster Award Globe sitting on my
desk. I want everyone that walks into my office to know
that I achieved the very first award available to an
Allstate Agent.

How will I write 17 new pieces of business in three weeks?

1. I will call each and every x-date with potential new
business that is coming up for renewal in the next two
months and offer them a quotation adding my personal
service value and emphasizing Allstate's outstanding record
of contribution in customer service with claims, price and

2. I will complete my target of a housing complex, put
together a sample tenant quotation, and go door to door to
offer tenants comprehensive tenant protection coverage
which offer's them PEACE OF MIND!!! I WILL write at least
five new policies at Unicorn Non-Profit Housing Complex.

3. I will do the same at Bonik Towers, and write at least
five more new Tenant Policies.

4. I will write at least Seven New cars in the next three
weeks from quotations I am doing with my x-dates.

5. I will do at least thirty face to face, in home
presentations in the next three weeks. The focus will be on
a through assessment of customer insurance needs...Asking
myself, what is their value? Why do they feel that they
really need insurance? And how does what I have to offer,
(Price, Claims Service, Customer response time, Agent
Personalized Service) meet their needs.

6. I will prospect and get fifty new prospect leads each
week. (150 new leads in the next three weeks, of people who
have car/home/tenant policies renewing in the next year.
This sets the stage for future business I WILL write.

7. I will work with my COACH, Scott Moskowitz to manage my
state, and stay in a totally awesome, abundant, EYE OF THE
TIGER, personal power state. This means reading EVERY EMAIL
that he sends me, doing personal power swish pattern's,
posting daily at the Goal Setting Achievement site to
appraise MA of my progress, and start my day listening to
my power songs....EYE OF THE TIGER and SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!

When I do ALL of these tasks, daily, consistently and
extremely charged and ready to FLY out of the gate this
morning to CHARGE into the Forecaster home stretch!!!!

If I can't, then I must, and if I must, then I CAN!!!!!!!!
This is my super sharp, lazar focus for the month of
October 99!!!!

Thanks for all of your support MASTERMIND!