"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-01 00:17:52 (UTC)

The Fair day

Today we went to church and they changed every thing around
for some reason. SO we had Sunday school first then we had
worship. Then we came home and my mom and Ron fused. Cuz
his fat ass did not want to get up and go. SO it ended up
me, mom, and dad going by ourselves. It started pretty fun
me and my dad rode this ride. It scared him a little that
was pretty funny i was laughing about the whole time. Then
we all three rode a little rollar coaster and my mom
started to scream and we were not even at the down part and
that cracked me up some. Then we all 3 rode top spin my
mom had her eyes closed the whole ride. Then i ended up
riding all the other rides by myself. i got on my first
ride byself and it was pretty kool this little kid had to
sit wwith me and i was talking to him. I seen this girl
she wasnt that good looking but i seen her and i could feel
her looking at me. but i thought it would be just for that
ride. I was wrong. She followed me through the next 2 or
3 rides then i lost her and when i was all bored cuz it got
to be no fun when i didnt have anybody to ride with. well
we were walking trough the food place and that girl was
there. She started walking beside me but she didnt say
anything and she had like her brother there or something
then she stepped on my dad shoes. she was like I'm so
sorry and i started to laugh when she left. But i guess
that was my boring day at the fair it has probably been the
worst time ever. I wish i could go back with my friends.
but I guess I'm out.#3

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