The Sarchasm Chronicles
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2001-10-01 00:16:38 (UTC)

Letter to the In-Laws

Last week I sent a letter to the in-laws - pretty much just
to tell them that although my marriage to SYBIL was
ending, I still enjoyed being part of their family and
appreciated all they had done for me.

The Mother-In-Law called a couple days after they had
received the letter and thanked me for my sentiments.
She said her husband hadn't had time to read the letter yet,
and had gone to work. I think it's more likely that he read
the letter, but stacked it against the stories Sybil had told
them about the break-up and didn't have anything to say to

The Mother-In-Law told me some of the stuff Sybil had said... I
didn't help her around the house, I was keeping both
computers, etc., etc...

It doesn't really matter though, the letter was closure for
me, not for them. Sybil's their daughter, how can I expect
them to do anything but pick her side. I hadn't really even
expected a cal... but I was hoping for one. I'm glad that
the Mother-In-Law called me and told me she felt the same.

The MIL (mother-in-law) seems worried about Sybil too.
Sybil has been staying away and not returning phone calls to
the family. MIL seemed to believe there was another guy, but
couldn't confirm it. MIL also seemed to think it was a black
guy because of things Sybil had said about bringing another
guy home and FIL would still love her because she was
Daddy's little girl. MIL told her she didn't realize just
how bigoted the FIL was.

Just leads me to believe there IS another guy, he's black,
and PROBABLY a security guard from the hospital where Sybil works.

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