Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 00:07:42 (UTC)

Celebrating Good Times!!

Morning Mastermind!

Day one yesterday was amazing!!!! I got two new policies
written, and I was soooooo focused and charged that I was
constantly working in a state of seeing me in the big
picture!! My ultimate here? To reach the pinnacle of
success as an Allstate agent and command respect with my
sales numbers.

I put every potentially disempowering thought into a what
can I do about this mode, and my state of mind all day was
incredibly synergistic!

I was driving to an appointment, when the song Celebrate by
Kool and the Gang came on the radio!! I was excited! I was
on my way to two in house appointments, and ready to make
two more sales and felt the wind in my hair on a bright and
sunny day. This is the feeling that I charged about,
getting face to face with people and offering them
something that they NEED... peace of mind!!

I wrote both customers, and left there saying
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!! I did it, Celebrate Good Times!!
The power tune came into my mind again! Now I have a new
empowering song that will trigger those feelings anytime I
need them!

Day 3 is today and its going to be outstanding!!!

Have an great day Mastermind... lets celebrate good times
today as we make them.

Date with destiny... EYE OF THE TIGER MASTERMIND!!