Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 00:04:31 (UTC)

10 Empowering Questions


Below are 10 questions that are very supportive in
inspiring people
to go inside and think, and move forward in their lives.

1. What is holding you back from getting what you want
and WHAT are you going to do about it ?

2. What do you want and WHY do you want it ?
(Keep asking why until you feel the answer is heart felt.)

3. If we were meeting here 3 years from today and you
were looking back over those 3 years, back to today,
what has to have happened both personally and
for you to feel happy with your progress ? (From Strategic

4. If you are willing to make a commitment to helping
then I am willing to make a commitment to work with you,
support you and to check in on a regular basis.

What is your level of commitment and
how do I know you will stay committed ?

5. What is the essence you want to create in your life to
be fulfilled.
And what is your next steps towards its unfoldment ?

6. If you knew the answer, what would it be ?

7. If you had only 3 months to live, what is the most
important thing
that you would be sure to do ? ( How about one week to
live ? )

8. If I told you of a way you could get your answer,
would you commit to going through the steps ?

Ask your guidance ( intuition ).
Keep focused on the question and Listen.
The answers will come.
The subconscious mind must answer the question.
Write down what you think the answers would be,
both before and after going to bed.
Answers will come within 3 days with the right focus.

9. If you were in a society that did not have to work,
how would you spend your time ?

10. What did you do to attract this situation into your
life ?