Date With Destiny
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2001-09-30 23:58:59 (UTC)

Be, Do, Have, Contribute; The Masters Game

Good morning Mastermind!

Today, I continue to play the Master Game and I challenge
all Mastermind members to join me to create absolute
synergy for the remainder of the month to achieve amazing
results in our lives!!

Real winners are not content with yesterday's victories!!
What we do at this exact moment and the moments to come for
the rest of the day will define how we feel about who we
are and where we are going tomorrow!!

The whole world will step aside for us because we know
where we are going! Pick one area of your goal setting
targets for the month that you have fallen short and decide
today to take some MASSIVE ACTION to move it forward!

Decide to live in your vision, your future, TODAY... and
let that sense of purpose explode in the task that you
decide to tackle right now!!!!

Let your energy, dedication, commitment and persistence
with the task that you undertake to be one of your MOMENT'S

BE... right in your vision of who you see yourself becoming
at this very moment!

Do... all the things you need to do right now to link what
you are challenged with to your sense of who you are and
the kind of person you are becoming!

Have... all the abundance in your life that your mission
and vision has created for you in your minds eye! others and have a service and contribution
goal that will be much larger then you and positively
impact others!!

Develop... an attitude of gratitude and enjoy what you have
accomplished today. Be thankful that you have been given
the resources in your life to create abundance today!

Walk your talk today and do the things you need to do so
that you can do the things you want to do!!!!

Have an outstanding day Mastermind!

Eugene Williams

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