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2001-09-30 23:58:40 (UTC)

Woohoo! I have friends!

Ok, so finally last night after waiting and waiting, my
roommate from first year DID call me and so we set up plans
to see each other today. It was nice because I hadn't seen
her in like a year and a half. And it was so funny because
for awhile all we talked about was NSYNC and I swear I must
have looked like an idiot just because I get sooooo animated
when I'm talking about them and I was just so excited
telling her about the concert and how close we had actually
gotten to them. So then she was telling me about this radio
contest she had won to go see JC at the station and how
unbelievably adorable he was. Well, duh! (; So that was a
nice long visit. We went to lunch and stuff so it was like a
2 and a half hour visit.

Current mood: exhausted for some reason
Current music: "This I Promise You" by N'SYNC- THE best song
on this earth (=