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2001-09-30 23:57:51 (UTC)

The Master's Game

Good morning Mastermind!!!

I re-read an excellent piece from John Kalench in The
Seventeen Secrets of the Master Prospector and it really
reminded me of who and what Mastermind is all about!!

It also reminded me of the incredible, passionate laser
sharp focus I have undertaken to meet my ultimate mission
and purpose in life.

Today and for the next ten years, I am playing the Master

The Master Game is not for the faint of heart. It requires
total and absolute vision, mission and knowing ones
outcomes! It will ask of you total engagement to play it as
if your life depends on it-AND IT DOES! Playing this game
will make you part of the 2% of society that do versus the
rest of the 98% that will tell you that the game is not
attainable. You will have to have absolute conviction and
faith that you are a master of the game to overcome
obstacles and objections. Those people who don't understand
the game will tell you about all the reasons why your game
plan wont work!!!!

In your minds eye, your game plan must have clear and vivid
images of who you want to be, do and have and you must keep
the blueprint of the outcome of the game in your heart,
body, mind and soul at ALL TIMES!!

You must find the select few who are willing to be teachers
and mentors with you! People who are Game players to
support you when the nay sayers try to torpedo your game!!
You need to do this because you are reaching for a state of
consciousness that few people in life are willing to reach
and stretch for in our society. This is why there are so
few people who are designing a life and stuck in simply
getting by day by day!!

The game will require that you reach out daily to be the

The Master Game can NEVER be made easy to play!! It needs
your total focus, your total attention, your energy from
your mind, body, soul and spirit! It demands absolute
mental and emotional energy! You must feel the synergy of
your game in the essence of who you are as a human being.

Mastermind is a culture of absolute stretching, absolute
growth and an exercise in playing "The Master Game"!

Have an outstanding day and check out the link to The
Master Game written by John Kalench!