Date With Destiny
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2001-09-30 23:54:51 (UTC)

Dickens Pattern-Personalized

Good morning Mastermind!

What an outstanding day it is today!! As I start my day, I
am reminded of why I what to achieve my ultimate purpose
and vision!!

I just did a modified Dickens this weekend and here is what
I produced to get posture and leverage to fire me up!

1. I want to avoid simply living within my "means' and
leaving out all my dreams!
2. Never want to be in a position of living in a life of
lack; total abundance is my birthright!
3. A major desire to avoid the Niagra Syndrome that will
find me going over the falls because I was sailing a ship
without oars. I choose to take those oars today and steer
my boat in the direction of my choosing! I GET TO DECIDE
4. Avoid madness by doing the same things I did in the past
and expecting to get different results!!!Today I choose to
leverage my personal power and learn from what I did
yesterday to make today an outstanding day.
5. I always reap what I sow!! Massive action today will
produce a healthy and abundant crop that will produce
exciting fruit tomorrow!!!

Have an outstanding day Mastermind!


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