Date With Destiny
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2001-09-30 23:48:15 (UTC)

Personal Mission Statement 1999

My Mission Statement!

My purpose in life is to become a fully self-actualized
human being and live all aspects of life with absolute
abundance! I live my life with a high degree of integrity,
passion, and intensity. It is important to me to maintain
and promote positive growth in myself and others.

I am committed to excellence in building my Allstate
business and I intend to help thousands of people to find
the level of personal prosperity that they deserve in their
lives! I am guided by the principles of outstanding service
and contribution and I will apply care, compassion, and
concern in all relationships with people!

I Respect Myself - Emotional/Mental

Each and every day this month, I will listen to my inner
voice to guide all my decisions. I ask myself what is the
right thing to do in a given situation. I honor all the
dreams and aspirations I have and take them all very
seriously. I recognize that I deserve to achieve absolute
abundance in my life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and
physically and with abundant financial health!

* I listen to Tina Turner's Simply The Best each and every
morning to get me fired up to start my day.
* I read and post at least one message at the Goal
Setting/Achievement Conference.
* I focus on my inner eye each and every morning and see
myself accepting a business achievement award in front of
44,000 people accepting an award in front of friends,
family, colleagues, and Mastermind.
* I celebrate receiving a six figure income that will
enable me to forward all my service and contribution goals
with at risk youth, family and friends!
* I read my personal mission statement when I get up in the
morning and when I retire as I am reminded of who I am, and
where I am going!

I Value Friendships and Family - Emotional/Spiritual

* I connect with at least four close friends on a weekly
basis give them a hug, and let them know how important they
are in my life.
* I call my parents and grandmother on a weekly basis and
re-affirm my bond for family.
* I mail out at least one quick snail mail letter a week to
dear out of town friends who have known me for most of my
* I am consistently and persistently positive in all my
interactions with family and friends and choose to see the
positive qualities that make them who they are!

Physical Health

* I combine the joy of friendship and desire to stay active
by going for a long walk with a close friend at least three
times a week.
* I start to reduce my intake of caffeine and limit it to
three cups of coffee during business hours.
* I start my day completing my abb exercises with fifty
crunches in the morning and fifty crunches at night.
* I go dancing at least once a week and let my body and
soul move to the music.

Spiritual Health

* I connect with who I am and honor the child within daily
by recognizing that I am part of a larger universe with a
loving creator that has a definite purpose in mind for me!

* I have an attitude of gratitude and give thanks each and
every morning and evening for all the abundance that I have
been blessed with in life.

* I do one kind deed daily that helps someone in need or
simply out of kindness, compassion, courtesy.

Financial Health - Business/Personal

I live my vision of total financial abundance and do
whatever it takes within the scope of my principles to be
consistent and persistent in building my insurance
business! I adopt a BE, DO , AND HAVE, approach with a
daily dose of constant and never ending improvement.

* I make contact with 1000 people this month and determine
when they are going to be renewing their auto/home/life
insurance in the next year!

* I am extremely dynamic and upbeat each and every day with
my collegues and am the consumate possibility thinker. This
inspires me to be more productive in making contact with
people who need and value my services.

* I complete a successful training and orientation period
with Allstate Insurance this month, and come flying out of
the starting gate in July. (stay tuned... I will be writing
fifty insurance policies in July 99 and receiving an award
from Allstate for new Agents!!!!!)

* I develop my prospecting/friendshiping/networking skills
with my Mastermind Alliance coach. (Yes, John Butler, that
would be you!!! Grins!!!)

* I complete a solid personal operating budget that allows
me to pay down debt and begin to develop a three month
personal financial reserve.

* I am consistently persistent each and every day and I
prospect daily and identify those people that need my
services. When I find myself getting out of this habit of
highly effective people, I immediately send an icq message
and email to my Mastermind coach.

* I do the all the business work I need to do, so that I
can do the things I WANT to do in life.

Service and Contribution

* I assume responsibility for being a Mastermind Coach with
two members this month and take this job very seriously. I
will utilize all my talents, skill and ability to assist
these members to move forward in their goals and overall

* I continue to get to know as much as possible about the
Insurance products and services that I have to offer people
so that I can be there to offer support, assistance and
value to people who experience financial hardship due to
minor and major financial losses.

"May you one day stand within a vision of your own design,
we all have a vision."