Date With Destiny
2001-09-30 23:42:58 (UTC)

MA Mission Statement

We are active at the goal setting and achievement
conference at the Anthony Robbins site.

The Mission of the Mastermind Alliance is to
empower people to realize their full
potential to be the best human beings
that they can possibly be in all areas
of life!

This Conference explores each persons
potential and their capability to fulfill
this with a group like minded people!


The Mastermind Alliance is the
coordination of knowledge and effort
amongst a dynamic group of
individuals who have come together to
share resources, information,
techniques, strategies, energy, mind
maps,experiences and overall support
in the attainment of personal and
professional Visions for success in any
area of life!

We hold this fundamental fact to be

"No individual may have great
(personal) power without availing
themselves in the Master Mind…No
two minds ever come together without
creating a third, invisible, intangible
force which may be linked to a third
~ Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow
Rich ~

The Alliance is about SYNERGY;
To create an environment that nurtures
the soul, sparks inspiration and
supports overall greatness and
wellness in our lives!

Further to this purpose, I ask everyone posting here to
join us to focus in on your daily, weekly, and monthly
goals and objectives as it relates to your mission and
personal vision for goal achievement