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2001-09-30 23:32:24 (UTC)

The Top 10 Concepts in Forming a Mastermind Alliance

The Top 10 Concepts in Forming a Mastermind Alliance

A mastermind group can be an informal and ad hoc gathering
or a regular weekly meeting, but it has two or more people
working together in harmony for the attainment of a
definite purpose.

1. You can't do it alone. Success is not a solo act. To get
from here to there, you need other people. A mastermind
group is an excellent way to enroll other people in your
vision of success.

2. Purpose
What is the purpose of the group? Is it to benefit one
individual, or is it about mutual benefit and growing
relationships on an
ongoing basis? (both are legitimate) Is the group purpose
stated clearly from the
outset? Groups seem to work better if they are clear about
the group's overall purpose and if individual members are
able to state their own definite, major purpose. Andrew
Cargnegie said this is one of the two most
important factors for success.

3. Trust
What is the level of trust in the group? The mastermind is
only valuable to the extent of trust among its members. Are
people safe sharing things in confidence with the group?
Groups don't go far without high levels of trust.

4. Cooperation
Using the original meaning of this word, what are group
members willing to "work with" each other on? Is help
forthcoming from the group?

5. Look for a diversity of talents and perspectives How
well do people line up in complementary fields of
experience or expertise? A mastermind group is strengthened
by bringing together people with very different outlooks.
This allows members' gifts to complement and dovetail with
each other.

6. Be Selective
Small is good. Two to six members is ideal, twelve is the
maximum. Don't work with "whoever" might show up. Think
about your growth strategically and about who might aid you
in getting to where you want to
be. Choose nurturing people to join you in this project.
Look for naturally existing relationships (family member,
someone you are selling your services to, etc.)

7. Harmony
How strong is the spirit of working together? Is there a
sense of commonness and shared purpose? Harmony deepens
when everyone is
aligned 100% with the group's common purpose. The bonding
of the group is what makes masterminding work. Out of this
bonding there forms a whole which is greater than the sum
of the parts. The mastermind forms a deeper creativity than
the individual talents of the members.

8. Be Positive
The most critical asset anyone can bring to the meeting is
a positive, expectant attitude.

9. Buy In
How are group members vested in the success of the group?
What do they stand to gain? Do they have anything at stake
or are they
committed to your good? To what degree are group values or
norms shared?

10. Facilitator
This is optional, but I have found that groups tend to stay
on purpose or on task when there is someone watching over
the group process. You learn to facilitate by doing it.

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