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2001-09-30 23:29:58 (UTC)

Ten Ways To Use A Mastermind!

The Top 10 Ways to Use a Mastermind Group to Move Ahead

A mastermind group is there to hear your biggest goals,
highest hopes and wildest dreams. You'll be held
accountable to what you wish to achieve for yourself, your
family, your community, your world. Most of all, you'll
surround yourself with positive thinking people who are
strong, independent and focused. One achieves great success
in life through collaboration and alliances with others.
The question is, "Are you ready
for shifts and leaps in your life? Are you willing to let
others in, to help you achieve what you most want?" Use the
mastermind to:

1. Repeat and reinforce the principles of effective
masterminding Read these aloud at every meeting to create
the right atmosphere
for sharing and helping each other.

2. Nurture an environment of endorsement, encouragement and
support for who you are, what you do You might try saying
something sincere and esteem-building about another
mastermind partner. Elevate and edify everyone who is

3. Share something positive that has happened since the
last meeting

4. Focus and create an accountability structure for your
progress, breakthroughs, successes

5. Foster intimate, honest relating: nothing is too silly
or small that we don't care to hear

6. Share a problem or opportunity that was experienced
since the last meeting. Ask for the support or help you
would like to receive.

7. Brainstorm ideas and multiply the number of available
ideas that you have to work with

8. Create a repertoire of resources, feedback and ideas
through the brilliance of the group's collected wisdom

9. Get something off your chest (so you can leave it behind
and move on).

10. Learn the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping, of
giving and getting. Everyone comes to the group with
something to contribute and expecting to take something
good away from the meeting.