ramblings of a madwoman
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2001-09-30 23:24:31 (UTC)


Song: "Scumgrief"--Fear Factory

I'm only writing today because i'm avoiding my homework and
other tasks that must be accomplished.

So yesterday, i went and saw Zoolander with my BF, a pretty
funny movie, i must say. you must turn off your brain
before watching this movie, however. it is mindless
stupidity, but a nice comedic escape. it was worth the
drive out there, methinks, just for David Bowie's cameo.
Call me insane, but I love that man, despite that he is
older than my father. He's well preserved! And BRITISH! and
look at the contributions he's made to modern music. *sigh*

lest i forget Labyrinth, that movie was the focus of my
preteen years. sure, the spandex was a bit much... :)

actually, i'm really not sure why i'm writing. i have
nothing to say.


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